Starvation by Kevin Carter

You may have known Kevin Carter. He is widely known by his photograph : a vulture with a  child dying of hunger. Kevin, in fact, didn't took only that photo, but there are several other photos of starvation and hunger taken by him. So I'm gonna share some of his photos here.
These are terrible.

And this is the most widely known photograph by Kevin Carter, he won a Pulitzer Prize because of this.

Story behind this photo:

 Sudan , 1993. A boy was about to go getting food from the food post built by volunteers.

Okay, that's it. I know these are sad. One thing about Kevin Carter is : He only took those photographs, i mean he didn't care of them. He didn't do anything for them. He thought only about his works as a photographer, not about what he should have done  as a human. 

Who is Kevin Carter? Well, you may search in Google and found so many articles bout him.
I'll write down the summary here. Only several sentences, i promise. teehee.
He was born in a middle class family in South Africa, in the only-whites neighborhood.
In 1994, he got a Pulitzer Prize because of this photo. But he kept haunted by the facts he saw and took as photographs. He felt so guilty by ignoring that child's life, so then he did a suicide 2 month after the prize had been given.

Well, I don't wanna preach you here on my blog. But you must have seen how terrible a hunger crisis can be. As a humanitarian of course we have to help. Don't forget to give thanks because we don't lack of anything. If Sudan's too far away from us to help, do help people around you, around your neighborhood.

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